Phillips cheers Leeds United for promotion before hoping to return to old team

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Calvin Phillips, a midfielder who is facing a storm in his life will give full support to Leeds United in the play-off round. For the chance to move back to the old team next football season.

Football Insider reports that Phillips has high hopes for a move back to Leeds United. But there are important conditions that could make the move happen. That is promotion to the Premier League.

Leeds are fading late into the final stretch of the Championship season. Causing them to fall to 3rd place and have to play in the play-off round. The semi-finals against Norwich City, who finished in 6th place are considered hard work in their hopes for promotion. Because if they make it to the finals must meet the winner between Southampton and West Bromwich Albion UFABET 

The report states that Leeds have already shown interest in Phillips as well. But they won’t be able to spend money to buy them back from Manchester City. If they miss out on promotion back to the Premier League. Because of the payment of 30 million pounds plus wages. That even the players have agreed to reduce. But it’s still too high for a Championship club.

For Phillips, he moved from Leeds to Manchester City in the summer of 2022 for a fee of up to 45 million pounds. But was unable to adapt to Pep Guardiola’s style. To make matters worse, having moved to West Ham United on loan in January. The 28-year-old midfielder’s performance has been disappointing.