Techniques for choosing clothes that suit your skin tone.

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Many people may be surprised that Why do some clothes look beautiful when others wear them. But we will be able to wear it less beautifully. Even though the shape is not much different. Yes, the way you dress should be chosen based on your own body shape. You should choose to wear clothes. Clothing that suits you  Choosing a style of clothing that matches your face shape and choosing a skin tone that suits your clothing color is also important.      

But did you know that In addition to choosing clothes that are suitable for your body shape, Choosing a style of clothing that matches your face shape and choosing a skin tone that suits your skin tone is also important. and may be the cause Give it to a friend whose body type is not much different from yours. Wear a shirt and you look better. It may be because of different skin colors. Report by UFABET

Yellowish-white skin

Girls with very white skin are considered quite lucky. Like a girl with pink skin Because I can choose. Any color tone can be worn. Whether red, orange, green, blue, pink, etc.

Pink skin

This skin color will make the owner of the skin look radiant. and looks healthier than other skin colors Therefore, the clothes you choose. Wear should choose soft, bright tones such as blue-green, light blue, cocoa, light pink, orange, etc. because. These tones will help make your skin tone stand out from the crowd.

Pale skin

Skin color that is too white to the point of looking very unhealthy. You should choose colors that have a dark tone. Or a little dull to make the skin color look a little darker, such as dark red, brownish yellow, burnt brown. or dark green, etc.

Two-tone skin or honey-colored skin

Girls with this skin color are quite sexy and charming. Choosing the right clothes should therefore. Choose clothes that are relatively light colored. Especially mixed colors That doesn’t look too hot or cool, such as reddish brown. Blue-green, orange-pink, carmine, dull pink, light yellow, etc.

Dark skin, black, tan

Should choose to wear clothes in neutral tones. Not too soft and not too fresh. or choose a color shade. That is quite dark is good, such as navy blue, dark brown, blue, purple, grey, dark green because shirt colors in this tone can make. Your skin looks round and blends well with your clothes. And it also makes you look whiter. Than wearing brightly colored shirts.