Electric eyelash curler A great item that helps make eyelashes beautiful and perfect.

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Electric eyelash curler is a small device that is specially designed for curling eyelashes. In general, electric eyelash curlers are shaped like a stick. (Similar to a mascara stick) The head looks like a comb or brush head of mascara. The end is a handle. As for how to use the eyelash curler, it’s not complicated. Just put in the batteries and turn on the switch. Then use your dominant hand to hold the handle firmly and brush your eyelashes. By pressing the weight of the eyelash applicator to the base of your eyelashes and gently brushing them out, that’s it, your eyelashes will be beautiful and curled. You can add sweetness to your eyes.

How good is an electric eyelash curler

There are many advantages to using an electric eyelash curler. both in the matter of Simple and convenient use It can be carried around easily due to its small size and stick shape for easy storage. Moreover, the outstanding advantage of the electric eyelash curler is that it makes the eyelashes thicker and helps the eyelashes to be long and curled. for a long time without falling during the day

Which is suitable for people with small and thin eyelashes. Curling eyelashes doesn’t grow much. Let me tell you that the electric eyelash curler is a great answer. And another advantage of the electric eyelash curler is that it Safety in use Because it will not cause pinching of the eyelids or cause the eyelashes to break. Very suitable for beginners who are not yet experts in curling eyelashes. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

How to use.

  • Check:  Check the cleanliness of the machine before bending every time. You should clean the machine before use.
  • Turn on the switch:  before use to allow the machine to begin adjusting the temperature.
  • Apply eyelashes: When the machine starts to warm up Place it under the lashes and ensure that all lashes are completely on the teeth of the comb. Then gently rotate the eyelash curling brush. To make your lashes curl more, repeat this 3-4 times.
  • Apply mascara: to make your eyelashes curl and shine even more. and increase brilliance
  • Turn off the switch: Then wait for the machine to reach normal temperature and store it.